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Wheatstone Commercial Makes Large Scale Routing Easy

Wheatstone’s audio mixing and routing systems are exceptionally robust and extremely easy to configure, forming the backbone of sound systems for churches, theme parks, schools and learning centers, stadiums, hotels and casinos, and a wide variety of venues. Wheatstone mixing and routing technology has been tested by the mother of all mission-critical media venues: radio and television broadcast. For more than 30 years, broadcast facilities have counted on Wheatstone for their day-to-day studio operation.

The Wheatstone Development Process

WheatIdeaFactoryVideoSplash 5 12 RADIO

Hardware engineer Dave Breithaupt kicks off a discussion with Jay Tyler and Andy Calvanese about the development process. It takes surprisingly little time for an idea to become a product at Wheatstone, thanks to the "tool box" we've developed over our 35+ years in the audio business.

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We asked some of our folks to go on camera and simply talk to each other. We think you'll like what they had to say... unrehearsed and unscripted.

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Wheatstone Inside The Idea Factory Videos

Wheatstone Takes Five Industry Awards at NAB 2014!

Five Awards!

Wheatstone introduced some exciting new products at NAB 2014, and it appears that the industry noticed! Wheatstone was presented with an unprecedented five Best of Show awards for its BLADE 3, L-12, SG-192, Dimension Three, and Series Four products.

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Casino300x165iXO in Multiple Venues

iXO, due to its scalability, excels in multiple venues such as hotels, casinos, etc.

Click to download a planning guide that illustrates how iXO might be used in your large-scale multi-venue project.

iXO Application Guide: Multiple Venues (829.45 kB)

Racetrack300x165iXO in Stadiums

Due to its simple wiring and non-centralized architecture, iXO is a natural for stadiums. From paging to announcements to behind-the-scenes communicaitons, iXO has your bases covered.

Click to download a planning guide that illustrates now iXO might be used in your large-scale stadium project.

iXO Application Guide: Stadium (705.87 kB)

HouseOfWorship300x165iXO in Houses of Worship

As Houses of Worship become more sophisticated in their media needs, sometimes over multiple campuses, their audio networking needs increase dramatically.

Click to download a planning guide that illustrates how iXO might be used in your House of Worship project.

iXO Application Guide: House of Worship (862.06 kB)

Airport300x165iXO in Large Public Facilities

From convention centers to transportation facilities, iXO makes sure the trade shows or trains run seamlessly.

Click to download a planning guide that illustrates how iXO might be used in your large scale public facility project.


iXO Application Guide: Convention Center (616.12 kB)



iXO at the Mall

Just as with all large scale public facilities, shopping malls have greater media needs than ever. Zoned announcements, background music and timed events are just a few of their needs.

iXO is a natural at covering these types of facilities.

iXO Featured Video

This video presentation describes the iXO system, a low-latency, highly scalable routing and distribution system from Wheatstone Commercial Audio.